Ein Augenblick im Hundertsechzig-Morgen-Wald

13. November 2008


➢ zum Hundertsechzig-Morgen-Wald

➢ der europäische Maulwurf

➢ ein Zitat zur Puppenzeit


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  1. You are a true writer,what a beautiful post!
    I hope you and rolf and all the other moonshine gang critters are having a wonderful day!
    Viele liebe Grüße, Rolf Ralph and Dees

  2. @Dees
    Thanks for your very friendly feedback!
    By the way this picture of your »Briony« is my favorite. She is looking quite serios with her lovely pose, the smooth light on her face, the imagination – nearly surrealistic … with her big eyes … but very realistic with her hair.

    And the sample is just great. I put down this as a favorite.

    Many greetings back to you – Rolf Holunder and khnemo

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